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Worker's Compensation

Clarke Insurance Agency uses state-of-the-art technology to assess the risks your business faces to determine your insurance needs, and then shops the different policies available through several companies. That means we can find a worker's compensation insurance policy that matches your coverage needs quickly. We do the shopping so that you get more value for your investment without having to do a lot of research.













What is Covered by Your Worker's Compensation Package?

Worker's compensation poliicies can include a lot of coverage options. Typically, a good policy will cover:

  • Injury- If an employee is injured this policy will cover expenses for his or her medical care, disability benefits, and death benefits

  • Liability- In the event that your company is found liabile for the employee's injury, a worker's compensation policy will protect both you and your business

Why Your Business Should Have a Worker's Compensation Policy

Under most circumstances, New Jersey requires businesses to hold worker's compensation policies in an effort to ensure the protection of the state's workers. These policies operate under a no-fault basis, so regardless of who is at fault for the injury benefits are paid to the employee in question. Worker's compensation policies are your employee's exclusive remedy, meaning you the business owner are protected against liability claims in event of an injury.

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