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Probate and Guardianship Bonds

Probate & Guardianship Bonds

We Make Getting the Bonds You Need Easier

Bonds are often used as a form of insurance so that a person or organization will perform specific duties. If those duties are not met, then the person can lose the financial value of the bond.

Clarke Insurance Agency makes it easier to get the bonds that you need. We even have a location within a couple blocks from the courthouse in Mount Holly. No matter what kind of bond you need, whether in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you can always contact us and we’ll get the process started today.


Types of Bonds From Clarke Insurance Agency

We have several types of bonds that you might need. Some of the most popular bonds sold by our agency include:

  • Probate Bonds – probate bonds are used to protect an estate’s heirs. If you have been named as the executor of a will, then you will likely need a probate bond that makes sure the heirs receive the items and money assigned to them.

  • Guardianship Bonds – guardianship bonds are used to make sure that a child’s legal guardian performs his or her duties. The potential loss of money puts pressure on the guardian to provide proper care.

  • Administrator Bonds –  another name for probate bonds that courts might require of estate executors.


Benefits of Getting Bonds Through Clarke Insurance Agency

Clarke Insurance Agency is committed to helping its customers find the proper bond coverage that they need. Our agents use the latest technology to match your needs with high-value bonds. That way, we can do the shopping for you to make sure that you have good options to consider.

Our agents can also provide guidance that helps you  through the bonding process. In many cases, you will have to complete an application to make sure you qualify for a bond.

Contact Clarke Insurance Agency today at 609-267-1441 for more information about the bonds that you might need to protect yourself and others.

Answer these questions and we will send you a premium estimate.

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