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Emergency Repairs



  • If appropriate, contact your local public safety officials for emergency assistance. (Fire department, police or ambulance service)

  • Take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage.

  • Report the loss to your agent.

  • Keep a record of all temporary repair expenses. Take pictures of the damage for your records

  • Prepare an inventory of all personal property that may have been damaged, destroyed or stolen.

  • Retain all damaged property for inspection.

  • Do not undertake any permanent repairs until the property has been inspected by a company representative.

The following firms specialize in insurance related work and may be helpful in the event you require emergency repairs.

Phone #

  • Adams Tech      800-377-6623

  • BELFOR 24/7    800-856-3333

  • Paul Davis         609-265-0001

  • Servpro              609-326-3663

  • Servicemaster  856-751-1577


For information on how to prepare and protect your property before a disaster or catastrophic event, and for information on what to expect as you recover from a disaster or catastrophic event, please review the information available at: DISASTERSAFETY.ORG

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