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Umbrella Insurance

Make Sure Everything is Protected With Umbrella Coverage

Clarke Insurance Agency uses state-of-the-art technology to assess the risks your property faces to determine your insurance needs, and then shops the different policies available through several companies. That means we can find a umbrella insurance policy that matches your coverage needs quickly. We do the shopping so that you get more value for your investment without having to do a lot of research.











What is Covered by Your Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella insurance policies are a great way to add more coverage to your exsiting home, auto, or other policies . Typically, a good policy will cover:

  • Expanding the auto coverage territory

  • Increasing the limit of your liability

  • Personal Injury coverage

  • Liability for certain claims resulting from your role as a director or officer of an organization


Why You Need an Umbrella Policy

Most personal insurance policies offer liabilty coverage of between $100,000 and $300,000 but sometimes that might not be enough. Things like short hospital stays can easily exceed $100,000 in cost and moneatry damages from accidents can add up quickly.

You should think seriously about adding umbrella insurance to your personal insurance coverage if:

  • You own a home

  • You have teenage drivers

  • You have a significant income or future earnings potential

  • You own a business

  • You own a boat, RV or motorcycle


Increase Your Protection

Umbrella insurance offers protection from major accidents across all of your personal policies. The coverage works in conjunction with your exisiting policies to minimize all types of risk.


Contact Clarke Insurance Agency today at 609-267-1441 to learn more about options that match your unique needs. Our agents have plenty of experiencing searching for policies of all types.

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