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Moped Insurance

Clarke Insurance Agency uses state-of-the-art technology to assess the risks your moped faces in order to determine your insurance needs, and then shops the different policies available through a number of different carriers. That means we can find an insurance policy that matches your coverage needs quickly. We do the shopping so that you can get the policy you need without having to do all the research.













Why Should You Get Insurance For Your Scooters?

At Clarke Insurance Agency, we know that your scooters mean a lot to you and for that reason we want to be sure that they are protected as much as possible. No matter how responsible you may be, accidents can still happen. When they do, Clarke Insurance Agency will get you back cruising the streets as soon as possible.


What does this product offer?

  • Liability insurance- This broad coverage is meant for accidents involving your scooter (the coverage is for third-party injuries and property damage).

  • Medical payments- Hopefully, never needed, but very important with scooter insurance, this coverage pays for the necessary medical care you receive as a result of an accident.

  • Safety Apparel Coverage- This provides up to $1,500 in coverage for damage to any clothing designed to minimize damage from an accident, including helmets and goggles.

  • Collison- Regardless of who is at fault, this covers your scooter in the event of damage caused by collision with other vehicles and trees or utility poles.

Contact Clarke Insurance Agency today at 609-267-1441 to learn more about options that match your unique needs. Our agents have plenty of experiencing searching for policies of all types.

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