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Group Life

Clarke Insurance Agency uses state-of-the-art technology assess the risks your business faces to determine your insurance needs, and then shops the different policies available through several companies. That means we can find a group life insurance policy that matches your coverage needs quickly. We do the shopping so that you get more value for your investment without having to do a lot of research.













What is Covered by Your Group Life Insurance Policy?

Group Health policies coverage options can vary, depending on the plan you get. However, most plans operate on a yearly renewable term policies . These plans allow your employees to have coinsurance options, choose their beneficiaries, and some policies allow your employees to pay any contributions to their premiums with their pre-tax income. These policies cover many of the same things as personal life insurance, at a lower cost to your employees.

Why you need Group Life Insurance

Having a good group life insurance plan for your business makes you that much more attractive to prospective employees, allowing your business to have the most skilled workers it can. Providing an attractive life insurance plan for your employees gives them the peace of mind to allow them to focus on their work and increases morale in the company. As well, it gives them the ability to gain the benefits of a personal life insurance policy at a wholesale rate. 

Contact Clarke Insurance Agency today at 609-267-1441 to learn more about options that match your unique needs. Our agents have plenty of experiencing searching for policies of all types.

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