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Coverage Feature
Replacement Cost on Contents
Business Property
Theft of Jewlery and Valuables
Loss Assessment
Loss of Use
Ordinance or Law Coverage
Sewer, Sump Pump, and Drain Back Up Coverage
Rented Watercraft
Personal Injury Liability
On Premises: $1,000
Off Premises: $250
$1,000 with $250 Deductible
Additional Living Expense: Dollar Limit (25% of Coverage A)
Loss of Rental Income: Included in Additional Living Expense
Optional Coverage
Optional Coverage
Not Available
Optional Coverage
On Premises: $2,500
Off Premises: $500
Personal Use: No Sublimit
Business Use: $5,000
$5,000 per Category
$10,000 with $250 Deductible
Additional Living Expense: Time Limit- Two Years. Actual Loss Sustained
Loss of Rental Income: Time Limit: 12 Months
Included in Blanket Property
$10,000 Included, $1,000 Deductible for a Back Up Loss Only
Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability: Included
Damage to Rented Watercraft: Up to $25,000 with no Deductible

MetLife GrandProtect Package

Our partners at MetLife insurance offer you a unique package of coverages to properly protect your unique home and auto insurance needs. Their experience with high value homes and automobiles makes them an ideal choice for protecting all the things you have worked so hard to acheive.


One Solution for All Your Coverage Needs

The GrandProtect package offers unparalleled protection in all areas of homeowner's and auto coverages. In addition to providing superior protection and value, the GrandProtect Package offers:

  • Unlimited Dwelling Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Identity Theft Protection Services and Expense Reimbursement

  • Special Landlord Coverages

  • Blanket Propert Limit

  • Rewards for Claim Free Drivers

  • Replacement Cost for Total Auto Losses


What does this product offer?

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